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I want to share our company’s PET mould characteristics and advantages with you.

1. Large output+

  • mould cavity - Maximum number of cavity can be up to 96 cavities
  • short cycle time

We shorten the cycle time from three aspects:+

First of all, it’s the cooling system. The design of the cooling system adopted in the PET mould is very effective. There are enough cooling channel inside of the core, cavity, and screw of the PET mould, which were well structured.+

Second, it’s the valve system. We use high-quality valves to reduce mold cycle time. It is by closing the pressure during the last stage to reduce mold cycle time.+

2. High quality and high efficiency+

  • Design, mould flow analysis. We keep updating the design of the PET mould and guarantee is consistent with current design, even leading the trend. The preciseness of our mold design is a strong protection of the PET mould quality and efficiency.+
  • High precision machines. We use high-precision CNC machine and timely maintain of these machines, to prevent mould errors due to the reason of machine tool wear.+
  • The valves and steel. We use name brand valves and S135 steel in the core and cavity. For the PET moulds, the valve is required. We generally use big and good valve so that the bottom of the bottle is more beautiful.+
  • standard moulds manufacturing. PET mould has many cavities and individually designs. + +
  • We have our own standard production line. If the customer needs standard performs. The products could be manufactured within 3 working days. It is so efficient.+

3. one-stop services of PET mould+

We offer the one-stop services which are from the preform mould design, preform mold production to after-sales service. If you only have the bottle, we can design according to your products samples and can also provide technical support for your plants